Boxing Day

Choreography:  © Sharon Green
Tune:Good King Wenceslas
Recording:The Flying Romanos, Japan Tour 2005 Sampler MP3 (Romanos)
More Dances from the Greenery
Formation:Duple Minor Longways, Improper AAB (7 or 9 times seems to work best)

Part I  
A11-4Partners, up a double & fall back [Face partner]
A21-4All fall back a double & come forward
B1-4Partners set and turn single
 5-9Neighbors, 2-h turn 1½ x to progress, opening out to face partner
Part II  
A11-4Partners side into line R-shoulder, turn single L to place*
A21-4Partners side into line L-shoulder, turn single R to place*
B1-9Chorus as above
Part III  
A11-4Partners arm R once round, turn single L
A21-4Partners arm L once round, turn single R
B1-9Chorus as above
* In siding in Part II, the turn single to place replaces falling back a double.