A Clap of Thunder

Choreography:  Sharon Green, Florentina Corbescu, Kit Clarke, Luanne Stiles and Marie-Louise Hendel as part of Scott Higgs' Choreography workshop, English Week, August 2014
Tune:Contre Danze 178, by Johanne de Gruytters, 1746
Recording: More Dances from the Greenery
Formation:Duple minor longways

A11-2Partners dance into line, right-shoulder to right-shoulder
 3-4Partners cast left to place
A21-2Partners dance into line, left-shoulder to left-shoulder
 3-4Partners cast right to place
B11-2On the diagonal, Corners meet in 2 steps,
  pause for 1 beat, and clap own hands on beat 4
 3-4All cast right (4 steps) to place
 5-61st Corners change places
 7-82nd Corners change places [All face partner]
 9-10Ones cast up, ending on the ends of a line of 4 facing up while
  Twos 2-hand turn ½-way and face up

W1 M2 W2 M1

B21-4Line of 4 lead up a double, fall back reforming the set
 5-10Ones cast down and ½ figure 8 up while
  Twos lead up, cast down, and lead up again
With thanks to Margaret and Jeff Bary, Lynn Feinman, and Joe Sykes for joining our demo set on Friday, August 8th.