Choreography:  © Sharon Green, 2009
Tune:Over the Water to Charlie (traditional)
Recording:Early Music New York, A Colonial Christmas
More Dances from the Greenery
Formation:Duple Minor Longways, Ones alternating propriety

A11-4Partners, back-to-back
 5-8Partners, face en face [End facing Neighbor]
A21-2Neighbors, set R&L
 3-4Partners, set R&L
 5-8Partners, gypsy R-sh 1x
B11-6Ones lead down center, turn alone, lead back to original places
 7-8Ones wheel to face Twos below [Person on L backing]
B21-4Neighbors swirl siding
 5-6Neighbors pass through R-sh [All progressed, Ones switched]
 7-8All turn single R