Gemini Jig

Choreography: © Sharon Green, 2012
Tune: G Minor Jig, © Martha Stokely, 2012
Formation: Duple Minor Longways, Twos IMPROPER

A11-2 Circle L halfway
3-4 Lead out with Neighbor, turn individually
5-6 Lead back in
7-8 Cloverleaf turn single (Men L, Women R)
A21-2 Men cross, changing places by L-shoulder
3-4 Partners lead out, turn individually
5-6 Partners lead back in
7-8 Cloverleaf turn single into
B11-8 Open Ladies' Chain:
1-2    Men cast L while Women cross by R-hand
3-4    Women turn opposite Man by L-hand until proper,
          Women facing across the set
5-6    Men cast L while Women cross back by R-hand
7-8    Women turn partner by L-hand until proper,
          all facing diagonally into the set
B21-2 All balance forward & back diagonally
3-4 Women change places by R-shoulder while Men set R & L
5-6 Neighbors change places by R-shoulder
7-8 All turn single R

Gemini Jig is a variant on my dance The Engaging Engineer.