For Jonathan and Lynn

Choreography: © Sharon Green, July 2011
Tune: Drifting on the Dreamy Juniata, © Jonathan Jensen, July 2011
Recording: Jon Berger, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen & Rebecca King,
Dances from the Greenery
Formation: Duple minor longways

A11-2 1st Man, set to the women.
3-4 Those 3 circle L until 1st Man is in 2nd Woman's place
(1st Man releases partner's hand)
5-8 1st Man, lead the women around 2nd Man, ending in 2nd Woman's place
(Men are now below the women)
A21-2 2nd Man, set to the women.
3-4 Those 3 circle L until 2nd Man is in 1st Woman's place
(2nd Man releases 1st Woman's hand)
5-8 2nd Man leads the women around 1st Man, ending in 1st Woman's place
(All are progressed, improper)
B1-2 Facing partner, all balance back (2 single steps)
3-4 All turn single moving forward, into
5-8 Partners, back to back
C1-4 Partners, 1/2 poussette clockwise, 1st Man and 2nd Woman moving forward to start (All are home, improper)
5-8 Partners,1/2 draw poussette clockwise, 1st Man and 2nd Woman drawing to start (All are now progressed and proper)
9-12 Partners, gypsy R-shoulder once round

Note: The lead-around figure in the A part of the dance requires a strong, connected lead so that all three dancers arrive in place poised and ready for the next move; it may feel brisk. The poussettes in the C part of the dance, however, are far more leisurely ("drifting," "dreamy"). In particular, dancers need to use all the music for their expansive 1/2 draw poussette.