Karen's Caprice

For Karen
Choreography:  © Sharon Green, 2006
Tune:Silly Jig, © Jonathan Jensen
Recording:Jon Berger, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen & Rebecca King,
Dances from the Greenery
Formation:Duple Minor Longways Improper

A11-4Ones and Twos dance a moving 2-hand turn with partner 1 place clockwise

[End in Becket formation, couple facing couple across set, women standing on partner's right, Ones in women's line, Twos in men's line]
 5-8Opposites back-to-back R-shoulder
A21-4All fall back, come forward turning single
 5-6Opposites 2-hand turn halfway
 7-8Right-diagonals [i.e., women] change places by R-shoulder

[All are now progressed but crossed over]
B11-4Right-hands across once round (skipping)
 5-8Partners set and turn single
B21-4Left-hands across once round (skipping)
 5-8Partners set and change places by right shoulder
My thanks to Fried Herman for new movements and old; to Jonathan Jensen for his wonderfully Silly Jig; and to Karen Candlin for her delight in movement, in silliness, and in English country dance.

My thanks also to Nikki Herbst for suggesting that Jonathan's tune demanded skipping, thereby inspiring this revised version of my dance.