The Liberated Librarian

For Liz Tarnove, on her liberation from Library School
Choreography:   © Sharon Green, 3 Nov. 2009
Tune: It's a Bluesy Waltz, © Jonathan Jensen, 1995
Recording: Dave Brown,
Gingerbread and Moonshine
Jon Berger, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen & Rebecca King,
Dances from the Greenery
Formation: Duple Minor Longways Improper

A1 1-2 1st Corners [Women] turn single R
  3-4 1st Corners change places by L-shoulder INTO
  5-8 L-h star ¾
[All now progressed]
A2 1-4 Open ladies' chain ½ way
[All now in Becket formation, with Ones in Women's line]
  5-8 Partners L-shoulder gypsy 1x round
[Complete the gypsy to end facing your Opposite across the set]
B1 1-4 Opposites, L-shoulder back-to-back, flip
  5-8 Opposites, L-shoulder face-en-face
[Face Partner up/down the line]
B2 1-2 Partners take R-h, take L-h
  3-4 Men draw partner 1 place clockwise into progressed place
  5-8 Partners R-shoulder gypsy 1½ x until on original side of the set