Little Sir Isaac

Tune and dance for Isaac Meadow, who may even get to dance this someday, once he's learned to walk.
Choreography:   © Sharon Green, 2012
Tune: Little Sir Isaac, © Debbie Jackson, 2012
Recording: Jon Berger, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen & Rebecca King,
Dances from the Greenery
Formation: Duple Minor Longways

A1 1-4 Ones and Twos lead up (6) and fall back (6) in a line of 4, the Twos in the middle
  5-8 Ones cast down and ½ figure 8 up, ending facing down on the other ends of the line, while Twos cross diagonally up, cast down, and 2-hand turn once round ending in the center of the new line of 4 facing down
[All have changed places with partner]
A2 1-4 Ones and Twos lead down (6) and fall back (6) in a line of 4
  5-8 Ones cast up and ½ figure 8 down, ending in 1st place, while Twos cross diagonally down, cast up, and lead down to 2nd place
[All are now home in duple minor longways formation]
B1 1-4 1st Corners, interrupted R-shoulder gypsy [1st Man dances below and around 2nd Man to return to place]
  5-8 2nd Corners, interrupted L-shoulder gypsy [1st Woman dances around 2nd Wom an to return to place]
B2 1-4 R-hands across once round, easing out into
  5-6 Partners, 2-hand turn once
  7-8 Ones cast down onto ends of new line of four facing up while Twos lead up into center of new line of four
Note:The interrupted gypsies in B1 follow the same track as the interrupted hand-turns in Mr. Isaac's Maggot.