The Millers' Daughter

For Anne Miller, manager of Berkeley's Fourth Saturday Experienced English Dance
Choreography:  Sharon Green, 2019
Tune:California Cakewalk by Jonathan Jensen (2019)
Recording: More Dances from the Greenery
Formation:Duple Minor Longways

A11-4Partners, set R & L, turn single R
 5-8In foursomes, circle L (clockwise)
A21-4Partners, set L & R, turn single L
 5-8In foursomes, circle R (counter clockwise)
B1-2Whole set promenade single file counter clockwise
 3-4Foot it!
 5-8Promenade single file back, turn single R into
C1-4Original foursome, R-hands star once round
 5-8Partners, ½ poussette clockwise to progress
Revised in July 2022 to make the optional stepping in B 3-4 part of the regular dance. Dancers may set R & L, balance forward & back, or bounce about as the spirit moves them. I foresee the possibility of rigadoons.