The Mistress of the Greenery (workshop version)

To Sharon Green, with love from her friends Dave Marcus and Colin Hume.
Choreography:  Colin Hume
Time signature:3/2 and 2/2
Tune:The Mistress of the Greenery, Dave Marcus, 2022
Recording: See the tune on Dave's site and hear the recording by Reelplay (Dave and Robbin Marcus)
Formation:3 couples longways

A:1-4(6 beats to the bar): First woman set smoothly right and left to second man (6 beats), who follows her as she casts and they finish outside third and second women who turn around to their right on the last two beats (6 steps) as the first man moves down — the set is now across the hall. They circle left half-way with the two women (6 steps), releasing hands and turning individually left to circle right half-way with the two men (6 steps).
 5-8First woman set left and right to third man, who follows her as she casts and they finish improper below the bottom pair (1M 2W) who turn around to their left on the last two beats as the second man moves in — the set is once more up and down the hall. They circle right half-way at the bottom, release hands to circle left half-way at the top.
B11-4(4 beats to the bar): First woman lead third man down the set, the others move up the outside and follow them, then wheel to the right and lead up to finish in the set's original space, in the order 1W 3M (improper), 2M 3W, 1M 2W (16 steps).
 5-8Tops cross down into mirror hey, all finishing proper (16 steps).
B21-41st woman change places left shoulder with middle (3rd) woman (4 steps), acknowledging her; change places right shoulder with bottom (2nd) woman, to 3 2 1 all proper. All two-hand turn partner (8 steps).
 5-8Ones lead up to top and acknowledge partner. Ones cast to middle place; middles (threes) lead up.
  Progressed position is 3 1 2. Repeat the dance twice more.
The first woman is totally in charge of this dance, never stops moving, invites other people into the Greenery and shows them round. That's Sharon all over! Perhaps belatedly she returns to her partner and shows him off to the others.

This is the original version. A more accessible version is also available!