Choreography:   © Sharon Green, 2014
Tune: Patience, © Dave Brown
Recording: Dave Brown, Connections
Formation: Duple Minor Longways

A1 1-8 Top 1st Corner & 2nd couple hey for 3 across set *
    [start L-shoulder with other 1st Corner]
A2 1-8 Top 2nd Corner and 2nd couple, hey for 3 across set *
    [start R-shoulder with other 2nd Corner]
B1 1-2 Ones, with inside hands joined, lead down the middle
    while Twos set in place
  3-4 Ones, changing hands, fall back down the middle
    while Twos sidestep up into 1st place
  5-6 Ones lead up the middle while Twos set in place
  7-8 Ones cloverleaf turn single into 2nd place **
    [All face partner]
B2 1-8 Whole poussette counterclockwise
    (1st Man forward)
* At the end of each hey for 3, while the Twos are completing the hey, the Ones have the option of turning single down and away from one another. (This is a mirror turn single.) This works particularly well for the Top 2nd Corners, who can then flow directly into leading down the set with their partners.
The Top 1st Corner and the Twos = 3rd Trio.
The Top 2nd Corner and the Twos = 4th Trio.

** Twos may also cloverleaf turn single up in 1st place.