Senior Moments

Choreography:  © Sharon Green, 2012; revised 2013
Tune:Senior Moments, © Debbie Jackson, 1998
Recording: MP3 (Debbie Jackson)
Formation:3 cu longways, Twos active

A11-4Twos set R&L, change places turning single R
 5-8All set R&L, Petronella turn 1 place to the R [CCW]
A21-4All set R&L, Petronella turn 1 place to the R [CCW]
 5-8All set R&L, Petronella turn 1 place to the R [CCW]
  [Set now inverted 3-2-1, with end couples [Threes & Ones] improper]
B11-4Actives [M2 down, W2 up] R-h star w/ end couple (change ends)
 5-8Actives L-h star with other end couple
B21-8Actives dancing as a unit, hey across the set with Threes above,
  ending in 2nd place [start L-sh with W3; M3 may cast R into the hey]
C1-4Active Twos lead up to top and begin long cast to bottom
  while Threes in 1st place wait 2 bars, 2-h turn ½ way
  while Ones in 3rd place lead up to 2nd place and 2-h turn ½ way,
  falling back to face one another to start the next round
  Progression, 3-1-2

Debbie was inspired to write this tune after watching Tom Senior and Barbara Cool dance.
Note: As M3 comes out of the L-h star at the top, he must be prepared to switch direction in order to move smoothly into the hey for three with his partner and the active Twos. One way for him to accomplish this is to cast over his right shoulder into the hey.