The Sixteenth of January

For Allan and Angela To, on the occasion of their 50th anniversary
Choreography:  Sharon Green, 2019
Tune:Ice on the Lake, Patti Cobb, 2013
Recording: More Dances from the Greenery
Formation:3-couple longways set

A1-4Ones lead to the bottom of the set, cast up to middle place (Twos move up)
 5-8Ones 2-hand turn once round and face up
 9-12Ones lead to the top, cast down to middle place
 13-16Ones 2-hand turn once. Form a ring of 6.
B1-4In ring of 6, balance forward and back, turn single to the right
 5-8Circle 6 halfway, reform lines of 3 [3-1-2, all improper]
 9-12Partners, back to back
 13-16Partners, Bernard Bentley allemande, then change places with one another to end proper
Bernard Bentley Allemande: Partners take right hands and while the L-file dancer dances clockwise around their partner, the R-file dancer dances forward and falls back.