The Unknown Buccaneer

For Art Munisteri, best of buccaneers

Choreography: © Sharon Green, March/April 2009; revised December 2009
Tune: Doctor Who Pirate Jig, © Martha Stokely, 2006
Recording: Childgrove, Wanderlust
Formation: Duple Minor Longways

A11-4 1st Corners set & turn single R
5-8 1st Corners dance clockwise round partner's place into
each other's place while 2nd Corners meet & fall back
A21-4 2nd Corners set & turn single R
5-8 2nd Corners dance clockwise round partner into
each other's place while 1st Corners meet & fall back
[All now progressed, improper]
B11-4 Partners Back-to-Back [end by turning your back
away from partner, so that you face out of the set]
5-8 Partners Face-en-Face [end by turning to face partner]
B21-4 Partners take right hand in right, balance forward and
back, and change places
5-8 Partners gypsy right-shoulder once round.

As always, thanks to Fried De Metz Herman for the use of her Face-en-Face movement.