Wrath of Sandy

Choreography:  © Sharon Green, December, 2012
Tune:Wrath of Sandy, © Jonathan Jensen, October 29, 2012
Formation:Four Couple Longways Set, 4xAABB

A11-4In foursomes, R-hand Star 1x around INTO
 5-8M3, W2 pass by L-shoulder and bear L to lead respective foursomes in c.cl.w serpentine to invert the set
  [M3 followed by M4, W4, W3; W2 by W1, M1, M2]
  End facing same-sex role Neighbor in foursome
  [Leaders must keep bearing L to turn back to face this Neighbor]
A21-8Along line of 4, starting L-shoulder with Neighbor, parallel heys for 4
B11-4In foursomes, facing diagonally, balance forward & back, then corners cross simultaneously (clumps)
 5-8Middle Four, starting with partner, 2 changes of rights and lefts
  End Couples face partner, balance forward & back, and change places, Hole-in-the-Wall style
B21-2Women surge forward in line of 4 as Men retreat
 3-4Men advance as Women retreat
 5-8Partners, cross-hand turn [End proper]
  [Progression: 3-1-4-2]
Note to Callers: Please let me know if you call Wrath of Sandy. Thank you!

From the National Hurricane Center web site: A hurricane's speed and path depend on complex oceanic and atmospheric interactions, including the presence or absence of other weather patterns. This complexity of the flow makes it very difficult to predict the speed and direction of a hurricane.

Do not focus on the eye or the track: hurricanes are immense systems that can move in complex patterns that are difficult to predict. Be prepared for changes in size, intensity, speed, and direction.